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PER entity->attributes->general->data type


Setting data atype to ENUM (mysql) changes “maximum display size” to “list of values”
but does not allow strings (comma separated), only the digit 0. The same for SET.

It should allow for example ‘jane’,‘fonda’,‘parker’,‘arnold’


Hi arki,

I’ve tested it for both data types (enum and set) and it works properly for me.
Hard to say where the problem is.
You may also try to enter the string directly in the Entity Properties dialog | Attributes tab | select an attribute and press F2 in the ‘p1’ column. Enter the string.

Does it work for you?

If it doesn’t work either, could you please send us your model? Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


The data can be entered, but a message box occurs when changing “param” and closing dialog.

Open attached model, opent entity and close it.
You will se popup dialog box.
model1.txp (9.44 KB)



Yes, this is a bug. (See the attached message box.)
I’m pleased to inform you that it’s already been fixed for next version.

Thanks for your patience!


warning bug.png


Will the “list of values” version of field be longer ? For a list of values it should be at minimum twice as long as it is now. The size of “collation” or “caption” is enough.


Thanks for this good suggestion. We will make the List of values box longer (the same size as of the Caption box).

CR # 37 189.

Thanks for your great help!