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Physical Memory is low (Paging), Increase Page File Size

I’m getting this error message (Physical Memory is low…) when running a simple script and exporting to a .csv file.

I updated the script and added a criteria to return

I am using version 2.7, an Oracle database and exporting to .csv file (overwriting it).

I found a Knowledge Base article (for 2.6) that told me to increase my Virtual memory (but it was already at the max) – it also suggesting clearing Cache in TDA, which I did.

I’ve tried rebooting my computer and only have my email open and TDA.

Any ideas?

I’m rusty on TDA, used it a year ago (older version of course) and I ran across this, but in the Export Wizard there was an option to not check system constraints, which I had to use all the time.

Any ideas?


Update: When I use the Export Wizard, I found the option to not ‘Check System Resources’, but it seems I can’t do that with ‘Select To File’ Activity.

Bummer, I wanted to use the RowCount functionality.

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