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Physical Model Explorer lists sorting



Is it planned to enable the sorting of the items in the Physical Model Explorer? Example: sort the Entities alphabetically



Right-click the Model Explorer and select Sort by Name.




Just figured out it works, but the right-click must occur in the empty space inside the window…yesterday i trie on the title bar, on the root node and on the root entity nodes…and this doesn’t work…

From my experience i usually right-click on whta i want to sort, in this case, the entities root node…



Here I’m with explanation on the pop-up menu in Model Explorer:
There are two kinds of pop-up menu:
a) for node,
b) for tree.

AD a) The same options will appear if you right-click a node, icon or item in Model Explorer (e.g. 'Entity’item).

AD b) Right-click anywhere else to display the tree pop-up menu (e.g. next to the node).

Unfortunately, we’re not able to sort items in selected node. All the tree will be always sorted.

If you have more questions, please feel free to write me back. Thanks.