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Pivot - Scroll Bar in row area


I'm testing Toad 5.0 trial and am having an issue scrolling to the right in a pivot. Only part of the "row area" is showing on the screen and there isn't a horizontal scroll bar to allow me to scroll to the right. If I remove some fields from the "row area" I can see the "column area" and "data area" and there is a horizontal scroll bar for those areas but not for the "row area".


I'm curious... does the same thing still happen when you undock the pivot's workspace tab and expand it to maximize the pivot view?


Hi Gary, how do I unlock the pivot's workspace tab?


Gary, I figured out how to undock the pivot which is nice because you can expand the pivot to the entire screen. However, the horizontal scrolling is still an issue if you have too many fields in the Row Area and the Column Area and Data Area are not visible.


I can't reproduce the issue. Let me see if QA can assist.


Hi Steve,

Do you mean even undock the pivot's workspace tab to make it maximum or use expand bar to expand row area, it still has limitation and not work if there are many fields in row area? scroll bar is a better choice?



In this case the row area is larger than the screen, therefore I can't even see the object to drag that you're referring to, and since there isn't a horizontal scroll bar, there's no way to see the rest of the row area or the column/data areas.


OK, QAT-14705 is made to implement scroll bar.