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Pkgbody.txt template Replacement Characters


I am trying to modify the Pkgspec.txt and Pkgbody.txt templates. I know there is a list of variables that can be used to automatically insert the name of the package, the date and a bunch of other things.

This doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

Does anyone have the list of replacement characters I can use?



I’d like to have the heading look something like this:

– Package Name…: PACKAGENAME

– Date Created…: mm/dd/yyyy

I just need to know what the replacement characters are for PACKAGE NAME and DATE.


Hi dsimson,

I don’t think SQLNavigator offer that kind of function yet. Even we manually added the text in package heading, after saving, all text before the “Package body object name” will be removed. It must be after the name of the object. So what you required may not be able to be supported in Nav. :frowning:




When I was with a former employer, they used PL/SQL Developer from a company called AllRound Automations. I could add items to their templates that would automatically be replaced when new objects were created. I could add variables such as, [OSUSER], [DATE], [TIME], [NAME] and a few others. I liked this feature and many other features they offered so much that I purchased my own copy of their product. Now, wherever I go I simply install it and I’m ready to go. I like SQL Navigator better than TOAD and I was trying to become use to using it once again, but it lacks many of the features that the AllRound Automations tool offers.