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Playback error connection error


OK. I have SSOSE installed. I installed the playback db just fine for the instance. I used windows authentication. However, when I fire SSOSE up I get this error first: . Then on the information from this error I get this screen: . I can’t create the db because it is already created. I’m using windows authentication so there are no options to set. I used windows authentication in the SQL set up and not mixed mode. So, the playback db is already created and i’m connected with windows authentication. I may be missing something simple but I’ve done this before but I can’t figure out what would cause this.


OK. So I created a new spotlight db to try it out. As soon as I create it I can connect just fine. It stays good for about 5 seconds then I get kicked out and the ‘failed login’ prompt is back. If I switch back to the original spotlight db it also connects for about 5 seconds then I get kicked out again as well.


I apologize for the lack of response here, but figured I’d chime in in case you are still experiencing issues, or in the event that someone else has something similar.

When you create the Playback database, it uses the credentials of whoever is running the client to run the create. For ongoing usage of the Playback database, if Windows Authentication is configured, the account that is used is whichever account is running the Diagnostic Server service. Please ensure that this Diagnostic Server service account has dbo access over the Playback Database. If this is the case, and you continue to get login failures, I’d recommend opening a support ticket at so that we can continue troubleshooting.