Please help - Users can't list connections at Oracle logon.

Hi list,

I’m installing SLQ Navigator 5.0 in a Windows 2003 STD R2. This server will serve SQL NAV to users. It has all the licenses needed. I have another server that runs the same way, and is going to be substituted by this new one I’m setting up. At the old server, everything runs JUST FINE.

I have a 26 users license for SQL Nav 5.

All users can run the software, but can’t list the servers when trying to connect to a database. Only administrators can. Actually, users can list the servers when an administrator is logged in and when they change their workspace to the logged in administrator’s workspace.

I have the TS licenses all set up. I’ve already gave permissions to folders, files, registry keys but it just won’t work.

Does anybody knows what permissions a windows user must have in order to list the servers at the oracle logon box? Or all the permissions to run SQL Nav, that will work too.

This server is going to substitute another one that runs SQL Nav also, but users can list the servers normally.

I know that this list comes from tsnames.ora, and all users have permissions on it, but still can’t list the servers.

Take a look at the images. Number 1 is the administrator user, that can list the servers. Number 2 shows that a common user can’t list the server, when the administrator user is not logged in and with SQL Nav running.

Is that normal behavior? Am I doing something wrong?

Plz help. Thanks.



Hi Leonardo,

I used SQL Navigator to test. This version is quite old so if there’s a problem with it there’s not much we can do. Anyway, I created a non-admin user can grant it permisson to the folder with OCI.dll and the the one that contains TNSnames. I could not start up the app at all unless I choose to start up using Admin user. when I checked the DB list it only shows one DB.

I checked the release note and it said sqlnav requires admin access or user with similar right. However, using the same user, I could start up and use 5.5 without any problem.

The easiest solution would be to upgrade to a later version (the latest is 6.2.1). All 6.x builds support Oracle 11G.

You could also list out all the permissions, folders that this user got granted and I could try to recreate and see if I can start up the app. Even then, I suspect this is a bug in 5.0 that the DB list is not displayed.