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Positioning while running sql


So, if you have multiple sql statements in your editor and you press f8 to run the first one (these are very long statements) the editor positions at the bottom while you’re running. This is confusing as it appears you’re running the wrong query (or update statement!)




This is what I get:

It appear to me like SQLNav is doing:
1- a parsing before executing the statement (it takes some time to start running the statements) when we press RUN and meanwhile the cursor is located in the end of the running selection.
2- After that it will run the individual statements are position the cursor in the current running statement.

Is there a way to avoid 1 (if I am really correct)? when I have several lines that takes too long…I just wanted to run it like I would do in SQLPlus.



Hi guys,

I will raise a CR for it. Thanks.