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Possible bug in stored procedure running on the 6.5 beta


I have a heavy stored procedure.

It creates about 4000 rows in a table and then uses a cursor to fill each row.

The data comes from another sql database (through a server link) using 2 “Select” statements, one to find the large column value on a 3M rows table (with some where clauses) and the other does a count of rows with it’s own terms.

When I run this Stored Procedure from Toad - it creates the 4000 rows, then start populating them, but then at some point, it stops.

The values remain null in the columns and the stored procedure hangs forever.

Running the same stored procedure from SSMS on the server works fine without problems.

I am note sure how an error in stored procedure can be related to toad, but the buttom line is that toad fails to run it, and SSMS doesn’t…



Thank you for support. We have try to insert 50,000 rows into a table but can’t reproduce this issue. Please provide more detail like procedure create scrip, thanks so much.