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Possible (small ;) ) bug in plsql editor


Wach the attachment.
When you have sentence like this: */’
in your code, the procedures are coloured as RED, and dblclicking on procedure setting position in package not in body, but all package is VALID.
To simulate this : compare both of variables

To see this just coment line with this sentence in body.

Check this
Regards Piter

vtext:=‘this is a simple text’;
vtext:='this is a '||/**/‘simple text’;

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Although this is a known problem - raised also by Community user swit (see Code Explorer Question thread) your input is very useful for developers. It points to one very specific cause of the problem, namely, that presence of Oracle multi-line comments (/**/) inside the code is causing a procedure displayed in red (as it was invalid). Good starting point for further investigation.

The problem is caused by parser in Stored Program Editor. The parser will be upgraded in one of the future releases.


By the way, wrapped packages has invalid state of procedures too.


Hi Piter,

Our apoligies for not being able to get the fix for the color hihglight in the code explorer to you yet.

Due the risk involved with the work involved with the parser and the time constraints, we will have to pull this out from the 5.5 release. We will try to get this to you in an early Beta build post 5.5. The chabges would address similar issues identified by swift as well.

Thks & Regards,



If you have published jabva source in package, procedures are marked as invalid too. When java is published by body, everythings looks well.
Watch attachement.

Regards Piter (53.9 KB)


Hi Piter,

Thanks for info and sending the zip file. We will update the request CR with this info and the file attached. As my previous post, We will tackle this full on post 5.5 release.

PS: Heard that your car has been stolen. Hope that everything would work out OK for you. I can lend you one of my Red cars (in my dream car yard) .
Thanks and regards,


Thanks Bruce! I want the silver one, my was silver :frowning: