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Possible Wrapper utility bug.


When I try to wrap file not to the same path as input file, error occurs:
Cannot open file .

Check this …



Hi Piter,
I could not reproduce the issue here myself yet. I will ask Bernard who is responsible for the component to get back to you next Monday.



Watch attachment.
My steps to simulate this issue:

  1. First open wrapper utility, and open procedure ddl from d:\temp path.
  2. Output file automated was set to the same path as input file.
  3. Click Wrap Code. Everytjing works fine - good_wrape.jpg in attachment.

4.Now, change output path to : d:
5.Clik Wrap COde. The error occurs : Cannot open file D:\test_procedure.plb
Watch - wrong_wrape.jpg from attachement.

In sqlnav 5.1 wrapper working the same. Means error occured.

Maybe it woluld be usless to add wrapp option as part of ddl . Develoepr could be do ddls from list of packages and procedures directly to wrapped code. (maybe dbms_ddl.create_wrapped/wrap can be used)
Sometimes when I preparing bundle of patches for my customers, must ddl into directory , then manually wrap each procedure. (ofcourse i’m using batch processing). Ofcourse I can make one big file with all procedures inside, and than wrap, but in my work i prefer seperate file for each procedure/pakage. (for SVN for example) (80.9 KB)


Hi Piter,

Thanks for taking the time to note down the steps to reproduce this issue. I will attempt to reproduce this on my end and will get back to you with my findings.




Hi Piter,

I have managed to reproduce your issue and we will resolve this in a future release. Thank you again for your input.




One more thing in this subject, Wrap utility window has free size, i mean the smales size should be blocked, then window couldnt be resized to 0 size.

Tha same suggestion for:
code assistant, context help,project manager,stored program editor,db_nav tree,plssql eitor :wink: but of course thi is only sugestion, maybe someone wants to have free sized window.
Regards Piter


…and we do always take your suggestions seriously Piter



Hi, Thanks Jaime for this words, but this is only suggestion because in most applications you can resize to 0 size child windows

Regards Piter