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Can someone please confirm that Postgres is not supported as the documentation indicates?


Hi BillR,

we plan to support the latest version of PostgreSQL! I hope the documentation is correct. Where did you read that PostgreSQL will not be supported, please?

In the “Toad Data Modeler 3 BETA - Basic Info and Comparison Matrix” ( PDF file you can find more information about our plans.

In section Supported Database Systems, you can see the following items:

  • The latest versions of selected commercial and open source db *
  • Obsolete versions of database systems **

And the following is written at the end of the document:

  • Support for the latest versions of selected database systems will be added to the product gradually. We plan to support the latest PostgreSQL database, for example. However, older versions of this database system will not be supported in TDM3.

** Obsolete versions mean older versions of database systems. For example MS Access 97, InterBase 4, 5 and 6, MySQL 3.23, PostgreSQL 7 and others.




Hi Vaclav,

** The latest versions of selected commercial and open source

I am working on a project right now that is Postgres 8.2 and I tried to open a model from the DM2 and it wouldn’t open. I tried to reverse engineer from the databaes, but the only two options were for Oracle 9 and 10. I checked the documenation and didn’t see any reference to Postgres and only the one line pasted at the top of this comment. So I assumed that you might not be supporting Postgres any more but wanted to ask to be sure. When do you think it will be supported in the beta version?

There are very few to no decent modelling tools for Postgres unless I want to pay thousands of dollars for erWin (which I suppose I will if I have to) so I am really looking forward to trying this new version out. Given the lack of good tools for this quite good ORDBMS I think it is good you support it. I personally think the lack of tools like yours is one of the things holding it back and the fact you make one probably is a nice/profitable niche market. But that is another story entirely, and I understand your close ties to Oracle. You have to look where most of your paycheque is coming from. I just hope you guys have a little time for some of us ‘low brow’ types.

Thanks for your response.


If anyone else is hoping for or wondering about Postgres support, it is probably a good idea to add a comment saying so.


Hi Bill,

you can’t open a PostgreSQL model in TDM3 BETA, because support for Oracle 10 and Oracle 9 is available ‘only’. Support for other databases will be added later.

I’d like to ensure you that we count with open source databases, like MySQL and PostgreSQL. What we need is time. Right now, I am not able to say when PostgreSQL will be supported, sorry. Our work on scripts for PostgreSQL has already started, but MS SQL 2005, MS SQL 2000 and DB2 UDB databases have a higher priority. Thank you for understanding it.

The good news is that TDM3 will be a highly customizable software and adding a support for other database system will be easier (in comparison to TDM2). And when I say easier, I mean easier for users, not only TDM3 developers!

A complete TDM reference will be available and we plan to prepare documentation to the internal scripting also… I hope we will find users interested in writing scripts for unsupported databases, users like Steven Mitchell, who wrote scripts for Nexus db for CASE Studio 2 (TDM2).

To other readers: if you haven’t filled out our survey yet, please do it now and let us know what database systems you work with. Thanks!




As costs for our Oracle databases are increasing, we are faced with letting people go or moving to another database engine. Obviously conversion costs have to be figured in. We are seriously considering EnterpriseDB version of Advanced PostGres Plus, which is very compatible to Oracle, with limitations. But as popular as PostGres is, in its different flavors, I was surprised to find that there is NOT a TOAD version for Postgres. Why ? I want to know if there were some issues working with it ? Depending on the answers, it could affect our decision to consider it as an optional alternative to Oracle.


Toad Extension for Eclipse and Toad for Mac both offer some PostgreSQL support :slight_smile:

#8 Toad Data Modeler (the forum in which you posted) work just fine with Postgres I have used it successfully with 8.4, 9.0 and 9.3

(btw: it’s either Postgres or PostgreSQL but never PostGres or PostGre).


Looking for TOAD version for PostgreSQL 8.x. Is it still in the works ?


Hello there,

Do you mean Toad for PostgreSQL product? There isn’t one currently, but you can use Toad Data Point, Toad Extension for Eclipse or Toad for Mac, depending on what do you want to do with your PostgreSQL database.

In case you mean Toad Data Modeler, all of the recent versions (5.1, 5.2, 5.3) support all PostgreSQL 8.X databases.




Thanks for the update Lukas.