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PostgreSQL 8.3 reverse engineering issue on relations


Hi, I’m evaluating the product and I’ve downloaded the latest beta release. I’ve reverse engineered a database and I’ve found that relationships lose the referential integrity rules: even if I have restrict or cascade the imported relationships are alway set to “None”…


Hello Roberto,

There seems to be a problem during native connection method. We will check it out and fix. CR # 68 991.

Please use ODBC connection method and let us know the result.

Thanks for your great co-operation!


Vladka + TDM Team


Hello Vladka,

I’ve tried with ODBC with not much confidence, as I’ve tried with other
tools and always had issues with ODBC… but wow! worked PERFECTLY…

Good job…


Hello Roberto,

Thanks for letting us know.
We will fix the bug in native connection.