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PostgreSQL trigger are incompleteley generated


Hallo !

Behaviour is the same as in commercial version (Postgres 8.x, als o 9.0 in Beta):
When generating the PostgreSQL model the triggers will generate incompletely:
Example for your videorantal model:


Just another point:
Why don’t you support user/groups/permissions to the postgresql model ?
Creating a new postgres database cluster needs this information too.

Reiner Braun


Hi Reiner,

when you convert Oracle model to PostgreSQL model, default option is “comment out DB specific items”. This will comment out SQL code in your triggers - edit the trigger in PG model and click tab SQL.


  • if you do not want to convert triggers, uncheck the Triggers check box under Entities in step Select Object Types step in Sync & Convert wizard.
  • if you want to know there were some triggers, but don’t want to use SQL code, choose option Comment Out DB Specific Items in step Settings in Sync & Convert Wizard.
  • if you want to convert triggers and keep the SQL code, uncheck the Comment Out DB Specific Items check box (good for conversion from Oracle 10g to Oracle 11g for example.)




Hallo Vaclav,

So far that was clear to me before.

But the test i made was conforming to your remarks:

  • converting oracle to postres with option “comment out…” NOT set
  • result was postgres db with having the trigger AND trigger sql statements
  • then i generated the model having the generate trigger option set
  • the result was a ddl script, where the trigger create and fire statements are ther, but the sql code is not present.
    -this is same for commercial vesion

-> this behaviour is only for postgres db, not for oracle.



Hi Vaclav,

Is the problme based on the fact, that TDM does not use the “SQL” Property for the postgres triggers, but only the procedure/function name ?



Hi Reiner,

yes. Exactly. Please consider my first answer to be “general information”, in postgreSQL model the SQL tab is not used by default (you have to check the Generate SQL only check box to generate SQL tab content only.)

RE users/groups: currently supported for Entities, Views, Functions and Columns.



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