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Praises and Suggestion

A feature that I would like to see implemented in the software is that when you highlight a variable name that it would highlight every other instance of that variable in the package/procedure/function/trigger. MS Visual Studio and Notepad++ (and probably others) both have this feature and I find it very useful. It’s so much quicker to find the instances of variables when they are all automatically highlighted rather than having to do a “Find”.

Anyways, I would just like to say that you guys and girls are doing a great job. I’m seeing some great improvements to the software.

Thank you!

Gilles Richard

Hi Gilles,

We are glad to learn about your positive feedback and thanks for the compliment. Listening to the voice of SQL Navigator users from this community is one of
the greatest pleasures in our daily work. We hope we can make this software a best tool for users who dedicate so much to its improvements.

The select & highlight feature is a real nice suggestion. We have an ER SQLNAV-1573 for it. We will surely let you know when this is implemented.