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Precision Numbers


The analyst we were dealing with, as a service request, suggested that we install this Beta Version as the problem with Precision Numbers only displaying to one decimal point had been solved.

We have been testing and a query that returns up to 6 numbers beyond the decimal point in sqlplus still returns only 1 number in SQLNavigator Beta.

Anyway around this? Our developers would REALLY like to have this fixed.




Hi Doug,

Thanks for calling Community

We know this happens in certain environments.
Without making too many assumptions to look at this issue we need more details about your environment.

Do you have Discoverer installed in your PC? - Discoverer changes some parameters on launching, which may effect numbers and dates
What Oracle client is installed on PC? - This problem exists for Oracle client 8.0.6 or lower,
If you are using Oracle client 8i/9i/10g then try this: tick on preference “Retrieve large numbers as string” and run your query,
Send in attachment results of query “select * from nls_database_parameters”.
Send also a sample of your query with numbers (screenshot will be helpful too),
How is SQL Nav installed (regular PC install, LAN client/server, Citrix)?



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