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Prevented from inserting records on Toad Sybase 2.1 GUI


My toad app seems to be preventing me from inserting records in the grid after I’ve inserted a total of 148 records into the database.

The “+” button in the grid is disabled and I also cannot import any more files via CSV - it simply says it’s been processed without any errors and no data has been added.

I can however add files via the SQL editor fine, it’s just the import and through the + icon on the grid for which it doesn’t work.

I’m using Toad for Sybase Freeware.


Hi green88,

we appreciate your post. Have you set up Custom editing in the grid correctly? The setting appears if you click on the red dot at the bottom of the grid on the left side.

Anyway the Toad for Sybase 2.1 is quite old version and may contains some bugs. Have you tried to install the latest version Toad for SAP Solutions 3.0 Freeware?

If it does not resolve the issue do not hesitate to contact us again.