Preview data from a User Defined Table


It seems to be an error when trying to visualize data from an User Defined Table, which obviosly contains the character '@'. There is some workaround to be able to visualize and modify data from this type of tables?

Thank you!

I just tried it in TSAP 3.2 with my version of HANA (version 2.0). I successfully created table “@TestTable” and get data from it.
Can you go to Tools -> Execution Trace -> To Output and enable it? Then you should be able see your SQL statement (in Output window) which we are using for getting data. I see that my table name is in quotes so I don’t have any problem with statement. Check your SQL and test it directly in Editor.
Also would be helpful if you can get me information about your HANA version and version of Toad.



As you suggested, it was a quotes problem. I've solved it just enabling this option.

Thank you.