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Printing Failed


I tried to print my model. I clicked on Print Preview. It took a long time for a very simple model (19 or so tables) to come up. Then I clicked on Print. It didn’t print.

I then tried to print by just clicking on Print. It printed, but the print job was invalid or corrupted.

I then shut down and restarted TDM, and tried to print preview again. It vame up, and then printed. It was slow.

I had turned on Print Gradients. This seems to be the source of the issue. I really do not know why gradients should cause such an issue. In any case, I have turned that option back off.


I just printed again with Print Gradients turned off. It printed fine this time. So, printing gradients causes TDM to choke badly.


Yes. Gradients might make diagram a bit nicer but for printing it is not recommended to use them. By default, gradients should be turned-off for printing.