Printing from Spool Tab in version 6.2.1

I have recently upgraded to SQL/NAV version 6.2.1. I can no longer print the contents of the spool tab. Print preview shows that it is going to print the contents of the script tab. With previous versions it would print the contents of the tab I had opened. Hopefully I am just missing something or possibly this is a pain in the neck bug.



Hi Randy,

We made some changes to the spool window in 6.2.1 to improve the performance of displaying large contents. Unfortunately it broke the printing feature of spool tab. We have fixed this in 6.3 beta. You can download the latest beta to try it out. See details in


Figures, 6.2.1 finally fixed some long time bugs that we have had to deal with and now something that worked great is broken. Unfortunately we became dependent upon that print feature. Not willing to be a beta tester so I guess we will have to copy and paste for now. Thanks for your response and let me know if any patches or work arounds become available.