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We have some “concerns” about the printing.

  1. There is no print preview for the data grid (or at least no way I can find) it always print previews the sql.
  2. When printing in the new navigator it is making the columns full width whether they need the full width or not. I can print the same output in 5.x on one page that takes 2 on 6.x
  3. Speed of printing on the 6.x is noticeably slower.

Attached is a print preview of 5.x, I can not print preview 6.x so I can not give the same results in that format.


Hi Dale,

We’re aware of this missing functionality and it will be brough back in 6.2.



Ok, Some improvements, but I am still getting a few complaints.

  1. When you are in Single Row View the print button grey’s out, but it is availiable if you do a file print.
  2. When you print in Single Row View it takes 2 pages 1 for the column heading and 1 for the data. We would really like to see these on the same page. Especially if the data across isn’t even long enough to fill the entire screen.
  3. I think Cell borders should be optional on the output.


Hi Dale,

I have raised CR for the first two requests. I’m not sure about the third one though as it might overlap the functionality of spool option or export feature.