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Problem executing SQL



Impossible to execute something as simple as

select count() from sysobjects
select count(
) from sysobjects

There is no problem if you execute them separately.

Timestamp Duration Message Line Position
30/01/2013 09:05:17 0:00:00.015 - Msg 3804, Level 16, State 34, Server TEST3_1253, Line -1 - Sybase Database Error: More than one SELECT statement is used to define the cursor ‘SQL_CUR_27’.
0 0

@@version = Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.3/EBF 12338 ESD#1/P/NT (IX86)/OS 4.0/ase1253/1900/32-bit/OPT/Mon Jan 24 23:52:28 2005



Hello Jean-Pierre,

Unfortunately, the new beta had an issue with ASE connections. We created a new beta (build 1018) that fixes this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.