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Problem in ER-Diagram Toad for SQL Server Beta

Today I use ER- Diagram in last beta of TOAD SS.

I drag and drop 2 tables on it and all is OK.

At this point I right click on diagram and select - Properties... - .

See my screenshot in attach :

As you can see I set column details at true and press OK button.

At this point I think to see in my tables not only the field name, but for example the data type too.

But probably I think bad.

See my new screenshot in attach after press OK button on Database Diagram properties.


Tables details are the same to my previous screenshot.

Is it normal ?

I try to resize tables Windows but nothing to do...

I stay tune for your consideration,

Best regards,


Same identical behaviour in Toad Xpert Edition

Best regards,


Hi Sergio,

For now we can right-click the object and select Show Column Details like attach.

And the options doesn't work in properties. I create the the task TSS-814 for it.

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,


Hi Kelly,

many thank’s for your help and TSS-814.

For now I follow your suggestion.

Best regards,