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Problem in Postgres 9,5 Reverse Engineering


I´m with problem in Postgres 9.5 Reverse engineering:

I was connected on database and selected de object to execute the import and got the error:

Source: Toad Data Modeler - Internal error

Script: REDataMigratorDBPG95

Description: column r.rollbypasssrls does not exist

Row: 2393

Column: 3

Callstack "REDataMigratorDBPG93 from package "Object RE Database for PostgreSQL 9.3 "REDataMigratorDBPG935from package "Object RE Database for PostgreSQL 9.5

Any help. Thanks


Hello Fabio,

I suppose from the attached report message that you connecting to wrong version of Postgresql database. It looks like you have selected PG9.5 data source but you are probably connect to some lover version of PG, e.g. 9.3. You can find correct version of connected DB in the message explorer or RE wizard’s log when you connect to DB and switch to the frame Tables.