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Problem on Interrupting Report Generation on Large Database



I am wondering if it is possible to stop the Report generation?

I realise that after clicking Report Wizard -->Option -->Next. I will start generating the report, when you click on the “Cancel”. It will display an dialog box about "Report is being generated right now, do you want to interrupt it? After I clicked “yes”, it will not stop the process striaght away, and the whole Toad Data Modeler seem do not have response for about 20 mins (One of the reason why could be the report that it was generating is quite big) I have to manually End Task by using “Task manager” on Windows.

The cancel button work ok when i do it with a small database, i think the problem only occur when you try to generate a report for large database.

Please let me know if you want me to Explain more.

Many thanks



Hello Chi,

Thanks for your notification. We will check it out. CR # 35 251.