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Problem on Reverse Engineering MYSQL5



I am not so sure what do i need to do on Reverse Engineering MySQL5. I have chosen “Native Connection”on RE Wizard in”Connection Selection” step. In the connection step, i think i have filled in the proper information E.g. Usernameand password. Then it return an error message “Connection failed because of the following error “Name of remote database missing”.

I am not so sure what does it mean?Does it mean Database name? Or it is a bugs on Native Connection ?

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks


Please find the attachment for the error message.

errorremysql5.doc (148 KB)


Hello Chi,

Thank you very much for your bug notification. CR # 35 766.

Please use ODBC connection until we fix it. Thanks very much.

Let us apologize for the inconveniences.




Quick update:

Already fixed in updated Beta. Please see: