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Problem on Saving the model



I am having some problem when saving the model on TDM latest Beta3. It happens several time but not always, After I modified the model. I have did 2 screen show about the error.

Please find the attachment about the problem I got.

Many thanks

Chi (208 KB)


Hello Chi,

I would like to ask you for more details.

a) Please let us know the model type, model origin (reversed? new? imported from TDM2?), database + object types that it contains (entities, domains, procedures etc.)
The best would be if you could send us your model. If you can, please send it to: Thanks.

b) Please have a look at the Message Explorer if there is any message preceding the error message (e.g. script error on line xxx etc.)

c) During the model save, is any form/dialog relating to the model open? (E.g. Entities dialog or Comparator etc…?)

Thanks very much for the details.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka

c) I think i may get some dialog box open when I try to save the model. I think that may be why it cause the problem. Another reason of why I leave the dialog open when I save, it is because I tried to click on the close button which would allow me to save the model as well as close all the dialog.

Could it be possible to create some procedure to check if there any dialog box is open when user click on the close button. then it would close down all the dialog box and bring up a save dialog box?

it that case it could resolve the problem

I think by click on close button to exit all the dialog box and save the model is very convenient for the lazy people like me : p

Please let me know if you want me to explain more.

Many thanks



Hello Chi,

Thanks very much for your notification. Our testers have managed to reproduce the problem. We will deal with it. CR # 46 936.

(Just info on how it should work: When you click the button to close the application (leaving some dialogs open), and select models to save, no problem should occur. TDM3 should close the dialogs and save the models then.)

Another thing we’d like to ask you. We’ve noticed in your screenshot that some buttons are missing in the Error dialog - see the Abort button displayed and buttons Retry and Ignore are missing. Do they miss only in the screenshot as when you took the picture the application froze, or did you miss them too?

  • We’re wondering whether everyting’s OK with Vista…

Thanks in advance.


Vladka + TDM Team


Hi Vladka + TDM Team

I think i just miss the button on the screen shot. I do not know if it is because i am using Open Office. Another problem has occurs on my TDM before. but it only happen once to twice, so I have not capture the error, as I do not know how I cause the problem. so i do not how to describe it.

Thanks very much



Never mind. Thanks for the info.

Have a nice day. :slight_smile:



Hello Chi,

I know I’m getting back to this issue after quite a long time, however, we would like to ask you for help.
While testing it on latest version 3.1.5, we keep failing to reproduce the problem.
Let me ask you the following:

  1. Does the problem occur also in the latest version (3.1.5 or Beta 3.1.6)?
  2. If so, could you please write us step by step what you did?
  3. Does it happen only in your SQL Server 2005 model?

We will try to reproduce the problem again.

Thanks very much for your reply.


Vladka + TDM Team