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Problem on SQL Preview Tab



I have installed the latest release of the TDM beta. The content SQL Preview tab cannot be refresh to the selected entities SQL script. After you click on the SQL Preview tab on the current entity, it will display the SQL script of the current entity, once you have use the drop down list to select different entity, the script is not updated to the relative one.

The SQL Script can only be refresh after you click on the other tab and click it back.

Please let me know if you want me to explain more

Many thanks



Actually you don’t have to click on another Tab and then click again on SQL Preview. There is an “emergency” refresh button down on the Tab that will show you the current Entity’s SQL.

Anyways, the issue is known but it’s pretty tricky to show the current code. When the SQL preview is about to be displayed, there’s the Generator involved and it will generate the SQL code. Since the generating calls scripting engine, it could be quite slow.
While you can change the Entity in the Navigator combo box pretty fast (e.g. with mouse wheel), you can imagine that it can cause some unexpected behavior.

Just an information that it’s not that simple as it seems


Hello Chi,

Yes, it is a bug. We will fix it. CR # 46 080.
Current workaround: click the button below or simply click another tab.