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Problem to restore DB

Last beta version of TOAD SS.

I try to restore a DB over one existing with the same name.

I select - Replace existing database - flag.

In TOAD SS 6.0 works OK, but in the last beta I can't see - Logical file name and Restore AS - .

I try to press button - SQL Server Defaults - but nothing to do.

I stay tune for your consideration.

I attach a screenshot of the problem.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti

Hi Sergio,

Apology for a late reply. Could you please send us the screen shot of the ‘Source’ as well.

Much appreciated if you could please also send the source and destination of both of your v6.0 and beta v6.1.

We could NOT reproduce the issue here yet in our testing environments.

Thanks and regards,



Hi Bruce,

first many thank’s for your help and support.

I attach a ZIP file. This file contains 4 screenshots. In details :

  1. DESTINATION_6.0.jpg and DESTINATION_6.1.jpg are relative to TOAD SS 6.0 and 6.1

  2. SOURCE_6.0.jpg and SOURCE_6.1.jpg are relative to TOAD SS 6.0 and 6.1

As you can see in source_xx screenshots when I select a valid backup file to restore nothing was displayed in the grid.

I stay tune for your answer.

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti