Problem trying to run several INSERT operations

I’m trying too run a script with 16 INSERT operations at once, but it’s not working.
In my case specifically, the INSERT #5 isn’t really inserting, and because of this the INSERT #6, who depends of the value inserted on previous INSERT crashes because try to insert a null value.

If I execute 3 or 4 in each time, it works.

Anyone knows why this can be happening?

PS: There is a semi-colon in the end of each row.


Which version of Nav are you using?

Version 5.1.

Maybe I’ve found the problem: the text I was trying to insert was copied from Word. In this text there was a hifen character. Maybe this could be because that special ‘-’ winword character who is bigger than a simple hifen.

I think the Navigator isn’t recognizing it. I ctrl+c ctrl+v the code to T.O.A.D. and there it appears like a ‘|’ character instead of ‘-’.

Hi Thiagorr,

It may worth a try to download the 6.2 beta release and see if this issue is still there. If it is, could you please provide us with the insert statement that you were using? Thanks.