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Problem with dot lookup


if you do this

select cnfr_intr_no from trex_cnfr_requests cr WHERE cr.

and you wait for the dot lookup to come up, it ONLY gives you the cnfr_intr_no column, NONE of the other columns!


BTW, this new forum is hard to read.


Hi Joe,

Thank you for reporting this. I could see the same dot lookup problem with you too.

PT#52766335 has been raised for it, once we fix will let you know.

Thanks again,



BTW for the new forum, we have same feelings with you too. We have tried to give some feedback to Toad Community team already, I believe they are still on the way to make it better. If you have any concern, you can email to let them know too, thanks.


Also, when looking up tables it appears that the first time you try it in a session (i.e. before you execute any queries) it won’t find any tables.


Hi Joe,

Do you meant that first time try to lookup schema.table after new a seesion? If so I couldn’t reproduce it, the tables display as expected for me.




Hi Joe,

We have fixed the dot look up issue for query like: “select cnfr_intr_no from trex_cnfr_requests cr WHERE cr.” already, please check in next drop, thanks.

BTW the last issue you reported, did you still see it?




This is still busted. I’m using


Hi Joe,

This will be applied in next drop after 2933, we plan to post a new build this week to community, will let you know then Joe.




Hi Joe,

This dot look up issue has been fixed and applied in our latest beta 2962.

You can download and have a check from:…/19982.aspx

Any issue please let us know, thanks.




Yes, these seem to be working now. It does seem to take a long time to find tables the first time you do something like “select * from all_” and then wait for the suggestions. Must be loading table names into memory or something.


dot look up doesn’t work on inline views


Hi Joe,

Can you please send us the inline view query you are using which has issue with dot look up? I tried one below and it works for me:

SELECT a.last_name, a.salary, a.department_id, b.maxsal
FROM employees a, (SELECT department_id, max(salary) maxsal
FROM employees
GROUP BY department_id) b
WHERE a.department_id = b.department_id
AND a.salary < b.maxsal




hmmm it’s flaky. sometimes it works as expected and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll try to get an example the next time it doesn’t work as expected.


For example, this doesn’t seem to work:

DELETE all_objects x WHERE x.


Thank you, PT#54493556 has been raised for it.