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Problem with filtering Logins under Object Explorer and Explorer on 6.1 Beta build 1284

Filter only apply to database name instead of applying to the current tree item selected

Can’t also remove filter on login did in previous beta drop

See attachments

Could you help ?
Object Explorer filtering (311 KB)

Also experiencing this issue. I click on my table list, type a filter term, and it filters the databases instead.


Thank you for your notes.

We will raise a change request to address those issues as reported. We will keep you posted when it will be in a beta drop for you to verify.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks, it’s driving me nuts when I try to filter stored procedure.

Hi All,

Just a quick note that changes have been made to apply the filter on the node on focus. Please check it out in the next beta drop. We wil keep you posted when the next beta would be available.

Thanks and regards,