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Problem with SingleValueQuery as an Outcome

I am trying to do what I think is something very easy but I can't seem to get it to work.

In my test outcome, I am trying to do a count (*) on a table to see if a single row exists. My outcome looks like this:

I have an input to my procedure called: P_ID and I am trying to reference it using:

argval_number ('i_P_ID')

When I run my test, I get the following error:


What am I doing wrong in order to reference an input parameter value in the outcome section?



It will be great to see your tested program spec and testing code, which is a package called Q##.


I noticed that you are quoting the variable name: ‘i_P_ID’. Perhaps this is your problem.

I was able to reference the input variable without a problem:

Could you confirm that the query is able to run with the literal value, instead of a variable reference?

Best regards,


Hi Fero

Thanks for the reply.

You are right, removing the call to argval_number() fixed the problem.

I got that from the documentation but wonder if that was from an earlier version of the software.

Anyway, referencing the parameter by name fixes the problem.