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Problem with uses in dependiences of stored procedure

Last beta version of TOAD ss, but it’s the same in last stable version 5.8 of it.

In attach a ZIP file. This file contains :

  1. A screenshot in JPG that show you dependiences screenshot of the stored procedure.
  2. A script SQL of the stored procedure.

If you see 2) you find at the end of the script these lines :

insert into requestitems
select newid(), 77,itemcode, 1, 60
from #articoli

update items
set securitylevel = 1
where assortment in (19,20,21,23)
and securitylevel > 1

requestitems and items are tables of DB.
If you see 1) the screenshot tell me that dependiences is only one ITEMS.
Why ?
For me the dependiences are two, ITEMS and REQUESTIMTEMS, not only - items -.
Items was updated and in requestimtems the procedure insert records.
I believe to see all these 2 tables in dependiences not only one, under section uses tables.

Are you agree ?

I stay tune for your answer.

Best regards.
Sergio Bertolotti (263 KB) (11.2 KB)

Hi Sergio,
From my investigation I do see that requestitems isn’t displayed on Dependencies tab since select was made from temp table (#articoli). It will be displayed if you select from existing table.

I’m not saying it is correct behavior - I’m going to double check this with dev (CR107215 created).

Dear Alexander,
I agree with you that select was made from temp DB/table #articoli, but you can agree with me that this stored procedure use via temp table the table requestitems, insert record in requestitems via #articoli.

For me it’s more corrected if in dependiences appera not only items but still requestitems.

Many thank’s for the CR107215 created and I stay tune from your answer after talk with your dev.

Best regards.
Sergio Bertolotti


have you some news about this problem after talk with your dev ?

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti

Hi Sergio,
This CR still in the queue. We are working on other issues, that are more important from our side. It seems to me this particular issue is not so critical, but probably I may miss something. Do you have any comments why it is so important for you so we can reconsider its priority?

Hi Alexander,

I’m agre with you about no critical problem…

My question is only a clarification…

In past you wrote :

I’m not saying it is correct behavior - I’m going to double check this with dev (CR>107215 created).

I see that you had previously created a CR and many thank’s for this.
I would only know if you have talk with your dev and if you consider my question correctly…

Nothing else…

Best regards.

Sergio Bertolotti