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Problems after loosing connection



I got some network problems and due to that SQL Nav I lost connection.

I made reconnect and I still didn’t had connection and after a while I got connection and made a new reconnect

The script editor got the << sign in the end of each line and if I used run it said “No text selected” and I needed to select the query to run.

In the DB Explorer I got only a “Node” (see screenshot)

No reconnection was able to fix that…I had to start a new session (inside the same SQLNav)



Also in this “mode” CLOB/BLOB editor doesn’t open and doesn’t give any error


Hi Filipe

I have seen something similar to the issue you describe, however after many tries I cannot reproduce this.

I will create a CR for this so we can monitor it in the coming releases.
Please let me know if this is something that constantly happens in your environment and if there are any specific steps that may help me reproduce.



When that happend I had lost the connection, but losing the connection doesn’t do that all the time.

What I found very annoying is that reconnect doesn’t fixed that.