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Problems with error reporting when compiling in code editor


When you compile PL/SQL (specifically a package) in the code editor, the errors are listed and the line numbers listed are correct, but clicking on them does not move to that part of the code as it will in an object editor. On top of that when I double click to pull up the dialog, the text is a garbled mess.

This is admittedly an improvement over the 6.x series, since at least the error is listed, instead of just:

[1]: ORA-24344: success with compilation error
[1]: No errors

Which is basically useless.

Still, I was hoping this would have been fully fixed by now, since 4.x and 5.x both worked fine in terms of reporting errors when compiling from the code editor.

This all works fine in the object editor, which I tested for comparison.


Hi Peter,

We could get it jump to the right line with our enviroment when clicking on the error in the code editor message area as attached image. Please note the error in the output window does not jump to the line. Just would like to confirm that you did not refer to clicking on the error messages in the output window?

Could you please send us a screen shot of your code editor and your object editor with the errors displayed.

Thanks and regards,


Actually, I had just noticed today, and was going let you know, that this issue does not apply to anonymous blocks of code. Only to packages and simple stored procedures. I noticed that while using 6.7, since when compiling packages, there is no real error reporting at all in 6.7. So when I got the proper listing of an error when working in an anonymous block, I tried navigating to the error and it worked fine. I then confirmed that it’s the same in 7.0.

And yes, I mean in the code editor window (see image below and others in attached zip).

When compiling any kind of stored procedure in the code editor, it will not link/navigate to the error location at all. I know Oracle doesn’t always report the right location, but in 5.x and earlier you could at least navigate to where Oracle thought the error was.

The attached zip has multiple screen shots. I created some errors in a package, then compiled it as a single file containing both body and spec, just as the body alone, as part an anonymous block with several sub procedures, as an anonymous block with only the one procedure, and lastly as a single stored procedure. I also included samples from 6.7 showing the lack of error reporting at all for stored procedures.

In both versions the only times I could navigate to the sources of the errors were in anonymous blocks.

Thanks again,
Peter S
sql nav 7.0.2814 - compile error (358 KB)


Hi Peter,

Thank you very much Peter for sending the screenshots.

It helps a lot to understand your problems.

We will check it out and will provide you an update.

Thanks and regards,