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Problems with exporting result set to Excel


I am trying to do a Quick Export of a result set to an Excel instance.

This result set is one column and 231293 rows.

And I get the following error:

If I click yes, it just comes back no matter how many times I click yes.

If I click no, which means I do not want to continue I get this message

and Excel 2007 opens in Compatibility Mode (which I have turned off) and the
sheet is filled to the limit of 65536 rows of the Excel 2003 limit.

This export must be naming the file xls (Excel 2003 file extension) instead of
xlsx (Excel 2007 file extension) which limits it to 65K rows instead of Excel
2007 which has a row limit of 1048576.

There should be somewhere to specify what format you want and then Excel will
open in Compatibility Mode or not depending on the extension.

Matthew Sprygada

A&R Global Logistics
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