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Procedure debugger

Procedure debugger

Hi, Thank you for this tool which seems great and could be even greater with a proc debugger for ase/iq

A simple debugger could be this one (that is how I proceed) : Imagine you want to debug :

Create procedure proc(@test integer)
Insert into table1
Insert into table2

The debugger could :

  • analyse parameters, transform into declare, propose values for parameters : BEGIN Declare @test integer Select @test = chosen_value_for_@test … END

  • analyse proc, detect “request bloc” (select/insert/update/delete), allows to stop to one block or stop when it fails of course. Example : stop at insert into table2

  • If possible : transform tables into temporary tables in which we can select. Example : table1 into TMP_table1 (same table, dangerous if table1 has lots of rows …)

  • Execute the proc from beginning till break (“straight forward” vision) -> So I can run my proc till one point or till it fails and see why by selecting in tables Am I clear ? That’s just a suggestion and seems quite simple to achieve, before better could be done. Of course I can still do that manually but it takes time and I do this so many times …

Thx !

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I’d like to have this function too. Is current Toad for Sybase having it?

Hello Romain,

This does sound like a good suggestion and I will see what I can do to add something like this to the next version. I will post back to this thread when I have something for you to use.


Hello orientphoebus,

Toad for Sybase does not have a debugger currently but depending on the number of requests we will certainly consider raising the priority for a future release.