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Product Videos Section Rearranged


Hello All,

Let me inform you that we have rearranged the Product Videos section to get it ready for the upcoming TDM3 release 3.1.5.

See the section at:

There are four categories available now:

  1. TDM3 Movies
  • contains new movies showing new features of v. 3.1.5 and updated movies.
  • New movies are marked as NEW!.

  • At the moment, there are 21 movies available in this category. The movies will guide you through main features and functions of TDM3, show you some tips and hints, good practices etc.

  • The movies are sorted from the introductory ones (numbered 01, 02…) through more advanced to those showing particular features.

  • We recommend new TDM3 users to start with [Getting Started 1 - 8] movies.

Feel free to sort the movies as you need (see the ‘Sort by’ box.)

  1. Transition from Version 2
  • contains an updated movie for Toad Data Modeler 2/CASE Studio 2 users. It shows how to open *.dm2 and *.dmx files in TDM3.
  1. Expert Mode
  • contains movies for advanced users of TDM3 interested in customization, scripting etc.

Again, the movies are sorted from the easiest or basic ones to more advanced - [Advanced 1 - 6].

  1. Version 3.1 BETA movies
  • contains movies showing ONLY NEW features in Beta 3.1.

Well, we hope you will find the movies helpful and interesting.
In any case, any feedback is greatly appreciated! Also, suggestions on new movies are welcome!

Enjoy them! :slight_smile:


Vladka + Vaclav

(movie makers :slight_smile: )