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Profile Creation problem for SQL Server


I was able to create the profile for one of SQL Server 2008 servers and did a few tests. After HW was updated on the server, the profile disappeared. I can not even create a new profile for SQL Server any more.

Here is what I am having now: When Select Wizards à Profile Creation, I get “Welcome to the Profile Creation Wizard” screen. Click next, “Connection Information” shows up; it only has “Net Service Name” available which is for Oracle connection. I do not have the screen to set up SQL Server connection any more.

What I am missing here? SQL Server is running fine. I am able to connect to that SQL Server via SSMS. BF is not on the same box as SQL Server.


Hi Vivien,

Did you use the License key of Toad for Oracle?



Yes, I do have license. I can still do test on Oracle but not on SQL Server.


Bring up the About Benchmark Factory dialog by going to the HELP menu and then About Benchmark Factory. Is the Microsoft SQL Server driver listed? If not then for some reason your license key was not preserved during your HW update. If you still have the license key you should just re-enter it into BMF.