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Program become unstable after kill session/reconnect


1.Connect to instance,
2.Kill your session, (alte system kill session …)
3. Drill down your objects in dbExplorer - end of file in communication channel error should be displayed in tree.
5.Try to open DBNavigator or Clasic sql editor, the “Exception during ShowTaskBar: List index out of bounds (1)” errors are showed,
Attachement 1

By the way, when kill sqlnav session, dbExplorer can drill down objects! Only first drill showes error, second one works! Why, there are hidden reconnect ?
Attachement 2

GetAllGpoReports.ps1 (4.18 KB)


Hi Piter,

We are planning the release the next Beta build having the new Code Editor replacing both SQL Editor and Store Program editor, ie. SQL Editor and Stored Program Editor will no be available…so the issue you reported in SQL Editor would be gone . We will make sure the Code Editor to handle the lost connection more nicely…

We are still working on all the feedbacks we receive so far from our Community to make sure that the Code Editor will satisty and meet your and all our SQL Nav users’ needs.

The issue on the DBExplorer I could not reproduce it and could not see from the movie clip you provided…every node expanded when no connection, I got that error displayed in the tree as expected…There is NO hidden session/reconnect…

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce,
I think, that you will move all functionality of old components to UE before removing them (custom syntax colors, my slow opening of packages,outlines of packages etc.) ;).

As you see in attachement, my sqlnav reconnects session, using DBExplorer, strange… Bruce, tracing works with UE?



Hi Piter,

Thank you for the note. That is exactly the plan. Roman has been busy with the work…
We hope that the next build would deliver that for you.

OK, We will look into the reconnect issue…

Nice picking up on the Tracing issue…with UE, the tracing only works if the tracing options is set b4 the connect/session established. Sekhar will raise CR for this and will fix this in a future build for you.

Thanks Piter.