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Program become unstable after multi ddl to seperate editors



Try to do multi extract ddl of at least 4,5 tables into seperate windows. Watch window.jpg, with settings like in properties.jpg.

Then close all windows with ddls. At this moment , sqlnav shows error messages, like Invalid Pointer Operation, Access violation, and sometimes sqlnav hangs, or many access violation message box are showed, when you want close program, only kill process helps with that situation.

Watch attachements…

Regards Piter (181 KB) (189 KB)


Yep… I can reproduce this instability Piter.
Thanks for finding it for us!!

It doesn’t happen every time, and I find it’s worse if you double click the window icon to close each window rather than using the [X] close window button… but it does happen both ways.

I’ve logged a CR for it



Exactly i’m using dbl click to close windows…


This issue raised by you, has led us to a number of other instability issues in the current Beta build… so thank you very much for your observations!!



No problem, i hope that those issues are easy to fix…