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program has expired


when launching SQL Navigator 6 Beta build 825 I now get the message

The program has expired

Get a newer version of SQL Navigator when it’s available.

I tried re-instaling and it didnt help.

Am I just not allowed to use the beta any longer and if so why?


Hi Mark,

The current beta build should expire by COB 30 Oct 07. Not sure where you are based but the current build should work until end of 30 Oct. There might be some issue with our Beta date check module. Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

We are not ready to release the next Beta build yet as we are still working to resolved a list of issues and we are not comfortable yet to release it until it passed our testing.
Therefor, we are planning to prepare a another binary exe (based on the sourcebranch of the current Beta build 825) with an extend expire date (and get this out tomorrow 31 Oct, not realized that the current beta build did expire by now and COB today :-)).

We are preparing the new exe with new expiry date. I should get the binary to you shortly.



Build 844 with extended beta end date is now available:

*Upgrade from previous beta build:

*Full installer:


Thank you it works again. I was missing the new code editor.