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Program has not been compiled with debug information


Hi Guys,

If you highlight (slowly) a series of lines (the whole line) and then, as you’re dragging down, you get the mouse pointer out into the line numbers, you’ll get the error message above.



Hi Jet,

This error message related to the debugger. When you click on the gutter (the grey part on the left of the code editor), a breakpoint is added.
If you compile an object without include debug info, adding breakpoint will trigger the error you reported.



Ah, but I’m not “clicking” there, I’m simply letting the mouse go in the gutter. Big difference.


Hi Joe,

It seems that the issue only occurs when your mouse points to the white bit between the gutter and the start of the code and you start holding down the mouse and then release the mouse in the gutter. However, because it’s not a P1 bug, it will not be fixed until 6.1.



Ok, thanks.