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"Program has not been compiled with debug information"



I seem to remember that this error has surfaced before in this forum, but I cannot find the thread…

Let’s do the following:

  1. Connect to an Oracle DB, in DB Explorer, open the tree entry “Package Bodies” and doubleclick (open) a package (wich will open in a Code Editor).
  2. In the DB Explorer, select the entry “Package Bodies like ‘%’…” and press F5 (to refresh). You should get the warning “Program has not been compiled with debug information”.
  3. Open a new (empty) Code Editor. Redo step 2) - you should not get the warning.


Hi Dominique,

In this case, we use the same shortcut (F5) for refresh and add a breakpoint. The code editor should detect where the cursor is and either perform a refresh or add a breakpoint. Apparently, it gets mixed up. :smiley:
I will log in a CR for this.