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Project manager drag &drop


When I drag query from Project Manager / Queries to new Query Editor it causes such error:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Stack Trace:
at Quest.Toad.Trl.TrlScheme.GetObjectName(ITrl trl, ITrlScheme quotingScheme)
at Quest.Toad.DatabaseBrowser.BrowserCallbackActions.GenerateSql(Object sender, ITrl[] trls, GenerateSqlType type, Action`2 actCompletedCallback)
at Quest.Toad.DatabaseBrowser.BrowserCallbackActions.GenerateName(Object sender, ITrl[] trls)




Could you try double clicking the file? When I drag the file to editor, it just put the file full name.


I check it twice - result was the same.
I know that double click opens file in new editor.