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Proposition with plsql_warnings parameter.


Mybe it would be helpfull for plsql programer to add button (enabled in 10g) to the interface with:

alter session set plsql_warnings = ‘enable:all’ with setting server output ON
or alter session set plsql_warnings = ‘disabe:all’

Then programers could test new feature - compile-time warnings with 10G, and don’t have to remember all
alter session statement. New feature available just in one click.

Think about it.

Regards Piter.


Thanks Piter for this nice request. We will look into it and consider it for the next release post 5.5 to add this support for 10g. We will keep you posted when this is implemented in a near future .

Thanks and regards,



Regarding plsql_warnings is there any support in SQL Navigator?

I mean to activate/deactivate (maybe even the distinct flags) and to see the warnings even then the program compiles (when using CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE for instance).