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provide an approach for testing inline and private subprograms


After a quick look at version 1.2.2, I can’t find anything specifically designed to support the testing of inline and private subprograms. These are not directly accessible from the test builder.

Am I missing something?


I have noticed this too.
The only way I managed it was to publicise the programs. Although this is not really a good compromise since you could argue the exact packages are not being tested.

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This is a substantial challenge. The only realistic and elegant way I see to do this is to use conditional compilation to conditionally expose and hide private subprograms.

We will look at doing this in the future but honestly we have (I think) higher priorities right now.



With conditional compilation it is also possible to insert testing procedures inside package body and use compiler directives to hide them in production version of packages. But the question is can QCTO insert the generated code into the tested package?