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Providing user load information to command lines


When running a TPC-C benchmark, I have the ability to execute a command line before each iteration and one after each. It would be very helpful if there was a way to provide the previous iteration’s user load or next iteration’s user load as a parameter to this command line. This would save me time in having to go back and manually mark statistics gathered outside of BMF as pertaining to a specific user load.

For example, I currently ran an ESXTop monitor that gathers VMWare ESX performance information during my tests. I start the monitor at the beginning of each iteration and end it after each iteration. Then I have to manually go and manually mark the file (in some manner, could have done filename or a table that says file “aaa1.txt” is a 1k user load, etc.) to show which user load it pertains to.

What would be nice is if I could call the command “startESXTop.bat /U=<<$BFUserLoadPrevIter>>” or something similar. Then when the command is executed, BMF will substitute the actual user load for the variable. So the actual command run, between a 1,000 and 2,000 user load would be;
“startESXTop.bat /U=1000”

I am sure there are many other variables that others could also find useful in this way like test name, test id or run id, iteration id (previous, current, and next), script name, etc.

If there is some existing way to do this, please advise. Otherwise, is it possible that this could be incorporated into a future release?

Thank you.


Unfortunately there is not a way to do this currently, so we have added an enhancement request ST43750. I will update this thread after our CCB and determine which version this will be added.


This enhancement is available in BMF version 5.5.1 and above.


Is there any supplemental documentation on the feature beyond the program help files?




This is doable almost exactly as you wrote - if you provide an email address I can ship you an example project that shows using such commands



Thanks for the help.

John Moran