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Proxy User Database Connection


Hi Guys,

for a new Database Application i have to try out the oracle feature proxy user.The Option Proxy User gives you the possibility to login with your account as another user.

For Example:

connect test1/test1 (-> Connected as user test1)

if you want that user test1 can be logged in as for example test2 , you have to set this grant:

alter user test2 grant connect through test1;

… and then you can login like this

connect test1[test2]/test1 (-> Connected as user test2)

And now i have the problem, it isnt possible to enter test1[test2] in the field username by the database connection window. This field doesnt accept [ ], the only way is to put into this field with copy and paste but then i get an error message.

I tried this also with the Tool Toad and see there it works.

QUESTION: Is there the possibility in sql navigator to connect a database with the proxy user feature?

I hope you can help me!

best regards,



Hi Sascha, and welcome to the SQL Nav Community,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
We will have to investigate this and get back to you with an ETA on when this can be implemented.

  • Jaime -


Thank you for your response,

im looking forward to hearing from you.

best regards


Hi again Sascha,

I’ve raised an enhancement request for this issue, but we are not going to be able to tackle it until after 6.0 goes out.
So, hopefully, we can get you something in a post 6.0 beta build to verify for us!

  • Jaime -


Any update on when/if this will be supported in SQL Navigator, it doesn’t appear that this enhancement got included in the next version, 6.1.



Hi Michael,

I confirm that 6.1 doesn’t include this fix. We’re currently working on 6.2 beta and some fixes had been made so that the Username field can accept characters like [].
It still doesn’t work for proxy user but I believe it would be a quick fix. Hopefully, it will be ready for 6.2. If you want to keep up to date with progress of this issue, please log a case through our support channel.



Hi Michael,

I just found out that in previous version of Nav, although you can’t type in [], you can paste it in the username field and it let you connect. You can try that for the time being. The thing is I tried log in using proxy_user in Toad and it doesn’t let me log in while Nav does. I thought Toad supports it.



Oracle SQL Developer 3.0.04 seems to work with the proxy connection for my workaround. When do you expect that Toad/Nav will support proxy access?



SQLNav has supported proxy connection since version 6.2.

We had changed the username field to accept [] and now you can input username in the format of PROXYUSER[TARGETUSER] (1), and input the password of PROXYUSER (2); after connecting to database, you will see Current Schema is TARGETUSER’s schema (3). And now everything you do within this session will be applied to target user.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any problem.



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